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Real Talk With Reginald D Power of Being True To Yourself & The Impact It Has On Others

Updated: Mar 15

In this episode, Reginald D. encourages his audience to stay true to themselves and utilize their power to make an impact. He emphasizes the importance of trust in yourself, not apologizing for being real, and not competing with other people. He shares his own story of how his grandfather believed in him, igniting something within himself that propelled him to strive for greatness.

You can listen to the new episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify or any of the other podcast networks. Or, listen now on our podcast website link below. Don't forget to share the show with others and subscribe and rate it on Apple Podcast or Spotify. #motivation #motivationalspeaker #spirituality #God #podcast #podcasthost #motivationalandinspirationalpodcast #realtalkwithreginaldd

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