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Real Talk With Reginald D has amazing listeners who are extremely talented small business owners.  This page features their products and links to their pages so you can purchase their products.

We're all in this together, so support a small business today!

American ReLoveUtion LLC

A talented artist and small business owner who resides in Las Vegas and social equality is his main goal.  One of his artistic lines he created, called 1+1=1, is an artistic expression of motivational speakers/mentors symbolizing the power of the word.  And, Anthony has gifted me his first painting in this line.  Please visit his Etsy store and facebook page to see all his amazing paintings and to watch him in action on facebook live on his page.


Website: AmericanReLoveUtion - Art - Social Equality - Las Vegas, Nevada (

Facebook Page:

Click the link below to visit his Etsy store: 


M&M Wooden Creations

Despaw Crafting Corner

M&M Wooden Creations makes beautiful wood creations that can be personalized or customized.

Check out their facebook page to see what M&M Wooden Creations is currently working on and also for custom ordering.


Phone:  (417) 297-8481

Click the links below to visit their Etsy store and facebook page

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