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Meet Reginald D. Sherman

Reginald D, motivational speaker and host of Real Talk With Reginald D

Reginald D. Sherman was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He comes from generations of pastors, ministers, and leaders, going back to his grandfather, Pastor A.B. Sherman.

Reginald grew up watching his grandfather build and pastor churches and own and operate a convenience store in his community, all of which he accomplished with only a third-grade education. He was not only Reginald’s grandfather, but also his mentor and leader. Reginald watched his grandfather become a prominent leader in his churches and in the community over the course of his life.

At an early age, Reginald decided to take on the leadership mentality taught to him by his grandfather and his cousin Pastor Johnson and applied it to his everyday life. He held leadership roles at various companies throughout his career and also became a leader in his community.  

Reginald became a licensed minister in 2004, and the leader of an outreach ministry. He helped the homeless, and mentored men and women that were faced with challenges in their lives.  He was also a mentor for the Palmetto Boys Shelter, where he took on the role of mentoring the youth.  Reginald also established outreach ministries for churches in order to help them be more effective in their community. Throughout his career, he not only mentored, but he also did motivational speaking.  Reginald did motivational speaking for businesses, he was the motivational speaker for the Salvation Army, various prisons, and he also spoke at numerous men and youth conferences.  Reginald also taught a class called from “jail to a job” to individuals once they were released from prison. 

Through his experiences in leadership roles at organizations and in his community, Reginald began to understand what leadership really was and how people respond to it. He discovered that if you cannot build your team up to make them successful (as a leader or a mentor) and enable them to do the same for others, then you do not really understand leadership. He believes that success comes from leadership development, spirituality, and servanthood. Servant leadership is all about making the goals and visions clear to everyone on the team and then rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes to help people win. He passionately believes that we are not only servants to God, but that we are also servants to God’s people.

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