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Meet Reginald D. Sherman

Reginald D, motivational speaker and host of Real Talk With Reginald D

Reginald D. Sherman hails from the vibrant city of Greenville, South Carolina, born into a lineage steeped in the traditions of pastors, ministers, and leaders, tracing back to the influential Pastor A.B. Sherman, his grandfather.


From an early age, Reginald was immersed in the remarkable journey of his grandfather, witnessing the establishment and leadership of churches, as well as the ownership and operation of a community convenience store—an extraordinary feat achieved with only a third-grade education. More than a familial figure, Pastor A.B. Sherman served as both mentor and guide to Reginald, gradually evolving into a prominent community leader.


Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather and his cousin, Pastor Johnson, Reginald adopted a leadership mentality that he seamlessly integrated into his everyday life. His professional trajectory unfolded with leadership roles in various companies, where he became a respected figure in his community.


In 2004, Reginald attained licensure as a minister, marking the commencement of his leadership journey as the head of an outreach ministry. His compassion extended to aiding the homeless, mentoring individuals facing life's challenges, and guiding the youth at the Palmetto Boys Shelter. In a bid to enhance the effectiveness of churches in their communities, Reginald established outreach ministries and became a motivational speaker, addressing diverse audiences, including businesses, the Salvation Army, prisons, and numerous conferences.

His commitment went beyond words, as evidenced by his class, "From Jail to a Job," designed to support individuals upon their release from prison. Through these experiences, Reginald developed a profound understanding of leadership, emphasizing the crucial elements of leadership development, spirituality, and servanthood. For him, success in leadership hinges on elevating and empowering one's team, fostering a culture of mutual success and service.

With a fervent belief in servant leadership, Reginald advocates for clarity in goals and visions, coupled with a hands-on approach to helping others succeed. He passionately asserts that, as leaders, we are not only servants to God but also stewards of service to God's people.

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