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Reginald D is a talented and skilled speaker who knows how to motivate and inspire individuals to be the leaders they are designed to be. He has completed and been certified in various leadership courses, such as Frontline Leaders, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Fitness of the Mind. 


Reginald D teaches with a practical and common-sense approach that will keep your leaders and leaders-to-be engaged. He will teach on the power of the mind that will redirect your way of thinking in an effort to allow you to make a powerful impact in what you do as a leader. Reginald D will speak about the topic recreating the leader. This is a bold and radical teaching on how you change the approach to leadership and the way in which you manage leadership.

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With his high energy speaking, Reginald D will give inspirational and informative speeches to his audience. He will speak on achieving personal goals and your purpose for being. This motivational program will motivate and recreate who you are and change the way you think, so you can become a better you and a more powerful you. Reginald D’s motivational speech will give you the keys to be more impactful in your personal life, which will also affect the business side of your life, and eventually it will have a life changing impact on your purpose and your destiny.

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Reginald D is a licensed minister. His program will address the difference between religion, church, and spirituality. He believes that every individual has a purpose in life that no group or organization can provide to them. He also believes your purpose is something that you possess, and it just needs to be unveiled, and with strong leadership, direction, and motivation, individuals can uncover their purpose. He believes that within the workplace, spirituality involves the belief that one’s work will make a difference, and that through your connection with others you find a common purpose greater than yourself.

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Reginald D will inspire your team to greatness with his leadership workshops. His goal is to expand their leadership development skills and inspire and develop them so that they become innovation leaders.  His three-day workshop will focus on team leadership skill-building to help upskill your leadership team and their subordinates so that they can make a positive impact on your company’s culture. 

Reginald D believes that by understanding the factors that make up an effective team, it becomes easier to improve how people work together.



Reginald D assists churches, businesses and other organizations on how to be effective in their communities with the desire to restore and rebuild the confidence of this generation. He has developed a four-day workshop to educate churches, businesses and other organizations on the practical and strategic ways to bring change in the communities in which they are involved.

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