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Celebrity Professional Athlete Wally Green & Co-Founder of SPIN,NY. (From gang life to North Korea)

Coming Tuesday: Celebrity Professional Athlete Wally Green and co-founder of SPIN, NY. (From gang life and the projects in New York to finding his purpose and becoming a Prof. Ping Pong Player, Paddle Tennis Pro. and a North Korea Diplomacy Maker).

Real Talk With Reginald D Podcast:

Reginald D sits down with Celebrity Pro. Athlete Wally Green and discusses his journey, from joining a gang while growing up in one of the most dangerous housing projects in Brooklyn, the obstacles he faced and the abuse he endured by his stepfather. His stepfather also spoke words over his life at a young age and repeatedly told him he would end up dead or in jail and would never amount to anything.

Wally became a professional ping pong player and paddle tennis prof. He traveled the world, played in North Korea, became a North Korea diplomacy maker, and is currently co-founder of SPIN New York and a public speaker.

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