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Motivational Speech: The Three Most Powerful Things About Purpose

Purpose is mindset, drive, wellbeing.

In the podcast episode of Real Talk with Reginald D, Reginald D discusses the concept of purpose and how it is not just a goal, but rather a declaration of why one exists. Purpose captures the heart of why someone is on this earth and why Jesus died for them. It defines their life, not in terms of what they think, but what God thinks, and anchors their life in the character and call of God.

Reginald D breaks down purpose into three components: mindset, drive, and wellbeing. The first component, mindset, is crucial when walking in one's purpose. How one thinks about things is important, and what they think about themselves is critical. Trusting oneself and not thinking down on oneself is essential, and doubting oneself when in pursuit of one's purpose is counterproductive. Reginald emphasizes that one's purpose helps prioritize their life and understand when to walk away from certain people or things that do not serve their purpose.

The growth mindset, positive mindset, entrepreneurial mindset, and challenge mindset are all growth type mindsets that one should strive to have. In order to grow, one must first think they can grow. Reginald D acknowledges that nothing in life is easy, but one is worth the fight. A person's growth mindset is powerful, helping them see potential and rebound when set back.

The second component of purpose is drive. Reginald D notes that many people do not make it in life because they are lazy and take the easy approach. He quotes a saying that if one does not drive their business, they will be driven out of business. The same applies to life. One must drive their life, or they will be driven out of life and lack the things they deserve because they did not put in the effort. Reginald D encourages you to not limit yourself or your life, as doing so limits God's abilities through them.

The third component of purpose is wellbeing. Reginald D emphasizes that God's purpose was to create individuals with the intent of them living an abundant life. One's life was intended to be fruitful and grow, and God's plan is to expand them. However, many people do not grow in life because they do not understand or do what it takes when it comes to working the plan that God has for their life.

In conclusion, purpose is mindset, drive, and wellbeing. It is a declaration of why one exists and captures the heart of why they are on this earth. Purpose defines their life and anchors it in the character and call of God. One must have a growth mindset, positive mindset, entrepreneurial mindset, and challenge mindset to grow and be successful in their purpose. They must also have drive and not be lazy, as well as prioritize their wellbeing and understand God's plan for their life.

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