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New Episode Alert: Real Talk With Reginald D's Interview With Beyond 6 Figures: Motivational

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Reginald D discusses faith, purpose, spirituality vs. religion, the calling on his life and the reason he started this podcast.

Reginald D is a motivational, inspirational, spirituality and leadership development speaker, and he's also the host of Real Talk With Reginald D podcast.

Believe in yourself and take chances. Believing in yourself and taking chances are essential to living a fulfilling life. When we take chances, we open ourselves up to new opportunities, experiences, and growth. This can be intimidating, but it is often worth it in the end. My grandfather was a great example of believing in yourself and taking chances. He had only a third-grade education and yet was able to build multiple churches. In his retirement, he listened to God's call and built another church. His leadership was phenomenal and he was a remarkable man. His story inspires me to take chances and believe in myself, no matter what the situation. Believing in yourself and taking chances can be difficult, especially when the stakes are high. I personally have had to battle suicidal thoughts, but I was able to overcome them because I remembered that I had a purpose. I felt that I was called to touch the lives of others and to help them live a greater life. Taking chances and believing in myself was the only way to do this. Whether it is starting a business, taking a new job, or even just trying something new, it is important to believe in yourself and take chances. When we do this, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and experiences. We also become more confident in ourselves and our abilities. Taking chances can be intimidating, but it is often worth it in the end.

Go beyond money to succeed. As an entrepreneur, taking the leap of faith to start a business is no small feat. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and often times it is difficult to stay motivated and keep going. However, in order to be successful, we must have faith that we can make it and that our hard work will pay off. We must also remember that success is more than just money. It is also about building relationships, finding joy in our work, and creating something that we can be proud of. This is something that I heard from a podcast recently. The speaker talked about how he was inspired by the story of Paul on his journey to Rome. Paul had to endure many hardships and struggles on his journey, but he was told by God that he must see Rome. The speaker then used this story to emphasize that we must push through the challenges and never give up because our destiny is already set for us. This story resonated with me because it reminded me that money is not the only measure of success. We must also focus on building a strong spiritual foundation and cultivating meaningful relationships. We must also remember to take care of our communities and help those in need. This is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur. In conclusion, money is important, but it is not the only key to success. To truly experience success, we must have faith in ourselves and our abilities, build strong relationships, and take care of our communities. Money is only a small part of the equation, and if we focus solely on it, we will miss out on the joy and satisfaction that come from living a meaningful life.

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