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12-Year-Old Entrepreneur (Mario Mack) Juggles School And Owning A Business

Check out the latest episode of Real Talk with Reginald D Podcast featuring the extraordinary young entrepreneur, Mario Mack from Fairfield, Alabama. He started his own food truck business at just 10 years old!

In this episode, Mario shares his challenges, successes, and future goals for his business. His determination and passion for entrepreneurship are truly inspiring!

From starting his own food truck business at 10 to having big dreams of a chain of food trucks and a unique restaurant, Mario Mack is a force to be reckoned with.

Don't miss out on this incredible story of resilience and ambition from a 12 year old. Tune in now to Real Talk with Reginald D to hear Mario's story firsthand.

You can listen to this episode and hear Mario's inspiring journey on Apple Podcast, Spotify or any of the other podcast networks. Or listen on our podcast website link  or click the link to open in the Apple Podcast link:   Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast.

Reginald D is also a motivational/inspirational speaker and life/motivational coach. To book Reginald D for speaking engagements or life coaching visit our website at ( Book Online | Real Talk with Reginald D

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