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From Bridgeport, Connecticut To The Big Screen: Alphonso A'Qen-Aten Jackson's Journey In Acting

Hey there Real Talk family,

I am excited to share with you an episode on Real Talk with Reginald D Podcast featuring the talented actor, producer, and director, Alphonso A'Qen-Aten Jackson. In this episode, we dive deep into Alphonso's journey from growing up in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to making a name for himself in the entertainment industry in Atlanta, Georgia.

Alphonso shares his experiences working on various projects, including his role in Gerard Butler's film, "Last Seen Alive," and the award-winning film, "I Wish I Never Met You." He also opens up about his approach to portraying different characters and the rewarding moments in his acting career.

We discuss the importance of finding your "why" in pursuing your dreams, and Alphonso provides valuable insights for aspiring actors looking to break into the industry. Additionally, we touch on some thought-provoking topics related to spirituality and self-discovery.

If you want to hear more about Alphonso's journey and gain some inspiration for your own path, make sure to tune in to this enlightening episode of Real Talk with Reginald D.

Stay tuned for more engaging conversations and inspiring stories on Real Talk with Reginald D.

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