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R&B Artist, Isaia Huron, Found His Passion For Music At A Young Age

Isaia Huron is a talented artist, composer, and producer who made a transition from being a drummer to becoming an R&B Artist. In a podcast interview with Reginald D, on Real Talk With Reginald D Podcast, Isaiah shares his journey and the factors that led to this transition.

Isaiah grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, as a pastor's kid. However, he never felt the need to act or be a certain way because of his father's profession. He had a normal childhood and didn't have any other experiences to compare it to. Despite this, Isaiah found his passion for music at a young age.

At the age of eight, Isaiah attended a church block party where a DJ played a beat that inspired him to rap. He grabbed the microphone and freestyled, receiving positive feedback from the crowd. This experience led him to form a rap group with his friends, and they recorded a project in fifth grade. They even went on an East Coast tour, gaining valuable experience and exposure.

However, as they grew older, the group disbanded, and Isaiah felt the need for a change. He decided to transition from being a rapper to a drummer. This decision was partly influenced by wanting to blend in with his friends and not be in the spotlight anymore. He started playing drums at the age of 13 and turned professional by 14. Isaiah moved to Nashville in 2017 and began playing for various bands, including country and pop bands.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, causing all of Isaiah's drum gigs to be canceled. This sudden change left him broke and in debt. However, it also presented an opportunity for him to explore his other musical talents.

Isaiah had always wanted to stay away from being in the front and being an artist, but circumstances led him back to it. He had been making music on the side as a hobby, and a sudden opportunity pushed him to embrace his artistic side. He decided to fully commit to being an artist and hasn't looked back since.

Isaiah's music style is unique. While he started as a rapper, his transition to being an artist allowed him to explore different genres and experiment with his sound. s. Listening to his music, one can appreciate his versatility and creativity.

In conclusion, Isaia Huron's transition from being a drummer to becoming an artist is an inspiring journey. Despite the challenges he faced, he embraced the opportunities that came his way and found his true calling. His passion for music and willingness to explore different genres have allowed him to create a distinct and captivating sound. As Isaiah continues to grow as an artist, it will be exciting to see how he further evolves and makes his mark in the music industry.

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